Africa Weather


Winter months (May - August) are generally the drier months which range from 35ºF to 75ºF, with the exception of Cape Town and the Garden Route, which has colder and wetter winter rain fall.

Summer months (Nov - March) tend to be the rain fall season in the form of thunderstorms, the further north you travel the more frequent the thunder storms become, temperatures range from 60ºF to 95ºF.

Check the current weather in Africa...  Cape Town -South Africa, Johannesburg -South Africa,Victoria Falls -Zimbabwe, Windhoek -Namibia,  Nairobi -Kenya.

Recommended Clothing

Most important is a pair of well broken in ankle length boots or hiking shoes. Bring a broad rim hat to protect your neck and ears against the sun. Bring something warm for the evenings and early mornings, especially during our winter (June, July and August). It gets cold at night!

To protect yourself against scratches we suggest that you bring long pants and long sleeved shirts for safari hikes and outings. Most of our bushes and trees have thorns! Make sure you pack no bright colors - (khaki and/or faded blue, green) or any white or dark colored clothing... lighter, earth toned colors will be best for wild game viewing. Above all, travel light! We have daily laundry services in all of our lodges and camps, which means yesterday's clothes will be available tomorrow.

Clothing Check List

  • hiking shoes, or ankle length boots
  • broad rim hat to protect ears from sun
  • warm clothes for evenings, and early mornings
  • long pants and long sleeve shirts to protect from scratches
  • avoid bright colored clothes. Good colors: khaki, faded blue, green, earth toned colors
  • travel light: we have laundry services in all our lodges

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